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Federal Tax Thought Leadership Committee


The Federal Taxation Committee maintains a proactive dialogue with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), provides comments and guidance on federal tax policy, upholds relationships with Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation, and maintains stakeholder liaison representation on behalf of the PICPA.

General Duties:

  • Maintain liaison relationship with IRS representatives for the purpose of resolving issues affecting the profession and the public interest in the administration of the federal tax laws within Pennsylvania.

  • Monitor federal tax activity and provide comments to appropriate entities, as necessary.

  • Host an annual "End-of-Year Wrap-Up" webinar.

  • Provide periodic content for the CPA Now blog and podcasts relating to tax reform and other relevant topics.

  • Foster relationships with members of the Pennsylvania Congressional delegation.
  • Help plan content for PICPA's annual Tax Con.


Time Commitment

Meetings are held at the call of the chair. Feedback is requested periodically via email. Learn more.

View all committee opportunities or chat with the PICPA Resource Center through the chat function at the bottom of the screen or call (215) 496-9272.