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Keystone State Strengthens Its Irrevocable Trusts with Grantor Trust Rules

Feb 26, 2024
For decades, Pennsylvania has deviated from federal income tax laws by specifically prohibiting grantor trust tax status for irrevocable trusts. Act 64 of 2023 simplifies the rules for irrevocable trusts to mirror those in other jurisdictions.
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Industry and Academics Thinking Outside the Box to Bolster Accounting Pipeline

Feb 20, 2024
The potential for international students to fortify the accounting pipeline cannot be overstated. These students would contribute fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and diverse viewpoints into the profession.
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Major Amendments to Pa. Title 15 Dealing with Corporations and Unincorporated Associations

Feb 19, 2024
Act 122 of 2022 introduced significant changes to Title 15 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes applicable to Pennsylvania businesses. The most notable include requiring all registered Pennsylvania entities to file an annual report , permitting the exculpation of corporate officers for certain breaches of fiduciary duty, and permitting the renunciation of the business opportunity doctrine.
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