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Student Ambassador Shares Her Perspective on Becoming a CPA Today

Jan 23, 2024
Recently, a PICPA Student Ambassador took part in a panel discussion on becoming a CPA. This blog relates Savannah Lesley's experiences and her thoughts on the process of becoming a CPA.
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Where Are All the CPAs? The Crisis and Opportunity of Rebuilding the Accounting Pipeline

Jan 8, 2024
In its most recent Insights white paper, the PICPA takes a measured, data-grounded look at the dearth of incoming accounting talent. More importantly, the study offers new perspectives and potential solutions to help rebuild and strengthen the process of growing new accounting talent.
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Navigating CPA Exam Changes: Extensions and Amnesty for Test-Takers

Dec 5, 2023
Effective Jan. 1, 2024, an 18-month extension will be granted for all unexpired sections of the CPA Exam that have been passed by test-takers. This extension provides a crucial lifeline, affording candidates the time and flexibility needed to prepare and excel in the remaining sections without the pressure of expiring credits.
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Time to Renew Your CPA License

Nov 13, 2023
All current Pennsylvania CPA licenses expire Dec. 31, 2023. To ensure enough time for processing, it’s best to submit your renewal before Dec. 31, 2023. Get helpful renewal tips in this blog.
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What to Expect with the New CPA Exam Format

Oct 3, 2023
The CPA Exam is undergoing a significant shift in format that is set to take effect in 2024. This blog explores the changes and outlines what candidates and educators need to know to navigate this change successfully.
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