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Tips for Accounting Student Scholarship Applicants

Feb 11, 2022
The cost of education is high, and the Pennsylvania CPA Foundation is awarding more than $200,000 to support future CPAs. Don’t let this opportunity for you, or someone you know, to win a scholarship slip through your fingers.
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CPA Exam’s Regulation Section: Why It Is More Vital than You Think

Jan 17, 2022
CPAs are taking on ever-increasing consultative roles as they are being asked to advise in areas beyond traditional financial reporting. To measure proficiency in some of these expanding duties, the CPA Exam has its Regulation (REG) section to ensure CPA Exam candidates have a basic understanding of basic business law, taxation of property transactions, among other areas.
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Reactivating Your CPA License in Pa.

Jan 10, 2022
Did you miss the CPA license renewal deadline on Dec. 31, 2023? The Pennsylvania State Board of Accountancy has made changes to its renewal/reactivation process this year, so here are some key points you need to know.
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The 2024 CPA Exam Evolution: A Welcomed Change

Nov 29, 2021
The CPA Exam is evolving to reflect the skills CPAs will need in a technology-driven marketplace. Candidates still will have to demonstrate core skills in accounting, audit, and tax, but technology will have a greater emphasis and be embedded into each of the exams. Candidates also will have to choose one additional discipline exam in which to demonstrate more in-depth knowledge.
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CPE Carryover Will Not Apply to CPAs

Aug 4, 2021
Act 116 of 2020 permits boards and commissions under the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs to allow licensees who earn continuing education credits in excess of the amount required for license renewal to carry over excess credits and apply them to the next biennial renewal period. Unfortunately that does not include CPAs.
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