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CPA Evolution: What’s Next?

Apr 21, 2021
The AICPA is working with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy to enhance CPA licensure through the joint CPA Evolution project that aims to transform the licensure model by recognizing the changing skills and competencies accounting requires today and into the future. This new licensure model will continue to place the CPA profession in the best position to meet the needs of firms, organizations, clients, and the public. It is also flexible enough to evolve as market needs and roles change.
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CPA Skills Tests: Supporting the Next Generation of CPAs

Feb 5, 2021
What are the most important skills for a newly licensed CPA as they enter the profession? While the CPA Exam verifies foundational competencies, the roles of newly licensed CPA continue to change with the profession. What we need to do is balance the need of what we consider “foundation” knowledge with the changes that must be introduced because of the work required of newly licensed CPAs.
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Thank You, Julian Brodsky! Generous Donation Supports CPA Exam Candidates

Oct 22, 2020
Filling the profession’s pipeline with bright, motivated, young professionals is of strategic importance to all firms and companies that hire CPAs. The Pennsylvania CPA Foundation's CPA Exam Scholarships play a crucial part in ensuring that talent continues to develop.
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Coaching vs. Mentoring Your CPA Candidates: The Choice Is Clear

Oct 7, 2020
Building a pipeline of talent is critical to a firm’s longevity and succession. If you’re looking for ways to support employees in passing the CPA Exam beyond providing study materials, consider CPA coaching as a solution.
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What's New with the CPA Exam: All-Year Availability!

Jul 8, 2020
The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy and the American Institute of CPAs announced that the CPA Exam now will be administered all year round. The removal of blackout periods means an increase of 75 more days each year to take the exam.
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