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Navigating the CPA Exam in Times of Crisis

Apr 30, 2020
Taking the CPA Exam in 2020 has proved to be much more challenging than in the past. But don’t let delays, extensions, or coronavirus uncertainty throw you off your CPA course.
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The Evolution of the CPA Credential and Licensing

Mar 9, 2020
The AICPA and National Association of State Boards of Accountancy have been discussing a new CPA licensure model for the profession. The model retains most core subject requirements, but also adds a targeted discipline of the test takers choice in a specific area of the profession.
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CPA License Renewal: What Do You Do if CPE Falls Short or You Face an Audit?

Jan 20, 2020
If you happen to be a Pennsylvania CPA who either fell short of your biennial education requirements, forgot to renew your license by Dec. 31, or got selected for an audit, we’ve got some helpful instructions on what you should do next.
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Occupational Licensing Reform Needs a Guard Against Mishap

Oct 7, 2019
State lawmakers across the country are removing barriers to a person’s right to work in numerous occupations and professions. Some have taken the path of outright elimination of state licensing. The PICPA is taking an active role in protecting the CPA designation so the profession will not be caught flatfooted should similar legislation be brought up for a vote in Pennsylvania.
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What You Need to Know to Reactivate Your Pennsylvania CPA License

Sep 23, 2019
Whatever the reason you decided to place your license on inactive status, it’s time to get your CPA license reactivated.
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