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Preparing PICPA Members to Address the Top Accounting Issues of Today and Tomorrow

PICPA Insights produces research, analysis, and resources on cutting-edge issues that impact the accounting profession. We survey PICPA members and national audiences, and offer results for firm, company, and organization benchmarking.

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2024 CPA Firm Tech Report

Just Released!

2024 CPA Firm Tech Report: Expert Guidance on Where to Go Next

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, technology is not just an asset but a necessity for CPA and professional service firms. The 2024 CPA Firm Tech Report is your essential guide to navigating this dynamic terrain, providing you with the insights and strategies needed to drive growth and operational efficiency.

CPA Talent Retention 2024

CPA Talent Retention 2024: Keeping Your Best Performers

Retaining the best accounting talent has become jarringly expensive. To survive and thrive in the coming years, firms need to focus not only on talent retention, but also on business model transformation.

CPA Pipeline Insights Cover

The CPA Pipeline: Crisis and Opportunity

The pipeline of qualified candidates entering the CPA profession is running dangerously low. Learn what actionable and practical solutions accounting firms can take to adapt.

State of PA Firms

The State of Pennsylvania Firms

Explore how firms are embracing new business models, digital technology, and methods to rebuild a lagging talent pipeline, and see how your firm measures up.


ESG Standards and Reporting

Our research identifies specific knowledge gaps in ESG reporting and what accounting firms and companies can do to prepare for swift and transformative change.

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