Jan 02, 2013

Don’t Let the Fiscal Cliff Send You Over the Edge

By Maureen Renzi, Vice President - Communications
We have climbed back up over the fiscal cliff … at least for two months. The drama this past weekend inspired many possible themes for a blog post, including the frustrating exercise of watching politics in action, the need for compromise in all walks of life, and even the basics of financial literacy (not spending more than you earn). This post, however, is not about any of those things. The discussions on potential tax changes are done (for now), and CPAs are faced with a mess that will make this tax season more difficult than most. That’s what I think you care most about.

cch taxawareYour clients have questions. Forms are delayed. Rumors abound. A reliable resource is the best way for you to keep track of the changes. The PICPA, through an agreement with CCH, has made significant technical tax resources available to help you get through this year. Check out the PICPA members-only TaxAware Center resources.

Because I signed up for the TaxAware tracker news feed, CCH’s Tax Briefing on the Fiscal Cliff was delivered to my inbox this morning. Gone was all the political grandstanding, the drama of the last-minute negotiations, and the political pundits giving their spin on the negotiations. This 10-page, fact-filled newsletter gives CPAs the facts they need to move forward, brief impact statements to explain the legislative provisions, and comments when necessary. What a great resource!

This is just one of many resources available through Tax Aware. Let CCH help you weed through all the clutter and give you the information you need. Not only does it offer breaking news resources, but it also provides access to research and citations on past tax decisions, as well as appropriate forms. It’s going to be a challenging time. The TaxAware Center is PICPA’s gift to help you make 2013 prosperous and a bit less stressful. Happy Tax Season!

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