Pennsylvania State Budget Process

The Pennsylvania state budget is the spending blueprint for each fiscal year. The state budget identifies several different funding sources to meet particular needs, such as job creation, education, human services, and more. On the first Tuesday of February, the governor unveils his proposal for the upcoming fiscal year. 

The PICPA government relations team monitors the process from start to finish and maintains a strong willingness to support legislators as they work to create a responsible state budget.

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The  Budget Process Pennsylvania

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Budget Cycle

The following timeline appears on the House Appropriations Committee Democrats website.


New fiscal year begins July 1.

Agencies submit rebudgets for review based on the newly enacted budget.

The Budget Office issues budget instructions and policy guidelines for the upcoming fiscal year.


Agencies submit budget requests for the upcoming fiscal year.

The Budget Office and governor review agency budget requests.


The governor submits a budget proposal to the legislature. In a new governor's inauguration year, the budget is submitted no later than the first full week in March.


The legislature reviews the budget, conducts public hearings through the House and Senate appropriations committees, and enacts budget bills for the governor's approval.

Fiscal year ends June 30.