Personal Financial Planning and Your Practice

Nearly 80 million Americans will become eligible for Social Security over the next two decades. This represents an enormous financial planning opportunity. Below are resources for members looking to build their practice by offering financial planning services.

CPA Conversations Podcasts

Are You Compliant with the Fiduciary Rule?
Phillip Long, JD, discusses why full implementation of this rule continues to be pushed back and what CPAs need to know about compliance. 

When Are Roth Conversions Right for Clients?
Tami Noll Russo, CPA, explores when this strategy is best.

Exploring the Psychology of Money and Wellness
Maggie Baker, PhD, discusses how emotions confuse our money choices and what to do about it.

Budgeting: What Is It Really?
Marsha Rubin, CPA, explains what this concept means for CPAs who provide personal financial planning services to clients. 

Why and How CPAs Should Join the Fight Against Elder Fraud
Robin Weissmann, secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Banking & Securities, discusses why CPAs are a natural fit to help the state fight financial crimes committed against vulnerable citizens. 


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