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  • Data & Analytics in the Government Finance Function

    Data and analytics (D&A) is a hot topic in both government and private sector finance. This blog focuses on D&A in governmental internal audit and compliance monitoring, but many of the observations are applicable to other functions.
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  • Adjusting to the New Realities of Not-for-Profit Reporting

    I am thinking about what the new not-for-profit standard – ASU 2016-14 Not-for-Profit Entities (Topic 958) – will mean for the PICPA. Because the standard is effective for fiscal years beginning after Dec. 15, 2017, we will be implementing this standard for our fiscal year beginning next May. But we present comparative financial statements, and as such we will have to consider any changes beginning with this fiscal year. How are other CPAs in the not-for-profit world approaching this standard?
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  • PICPA’s Mother’s Day Gift

    The PICPA Women’s Leadership Conference is charged with positive energy and support. There’s a type of “sisterhood” that you get when the speakers place an emphasis on how current issues uniquely affect women. Attendance is a gift ... a Mother's Day gift, in fact.
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  • CPA Turns Crusader for Clear Communication

    Having a difficult conversation ranks among the top fears for CPAs and other professionals. People want to ignore, or put off, the things they fear the most, but that is something CPAs cannot do.
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Practice Management

  • Expert Offers Tips on Exit Planning

    Exit planning is a forward-thinking strategy that should be established well in advance to ensure comfort for yourself and your clients, whose businesses depend on your unbroken service and attention. Hear more from Charles R. Kedra, CFP, AIF, CEPA, senior partner and director of business advisory services with Legacy Planning Partners.
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  • Predict the Future of Your Practice with These Five Factors

    Many accounting practices pay attention to performance benchmarks to understand how the firm is doing. Forward-thinking CPA leaders, however, look at not only the traditional metrics, but also at expanded benchmarks to find out where the firm is heading.
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  • Tech Service Providers May Be in Line for Pa. Tax

    A recent Pennsylvania Private Letter Ruling included a concerning portion. It appeared that taxable support activity was being construed to involve any service involving tangible personal property, which in practical terms would now tax any computer support service.
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  • Don’t Be Held Hostage by Ransomware

    When a criminal gains access to a computer system, encrypts all the electronic files, makes them unusable, and then demands payment, that criminal likely used ransomware on your system. The FBI discourages submission, and your insurance may not cover a ransomware payment.
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