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  • Strategic Thinking…Focus on the Future

    Thinking strategically means you are able to see one or two steps ahead. But you need to have your head up so you can identify potential new opportunities to grow your business in a positive and profitable manner.
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  • What Does Effective Anti-Corruption Compliance Training Look Like?

    Training is one of the most essential elements of an anti-corruption compliance program. A suitable training and communication program enables organizations to disseminate its policies, reinforce business practices, and mitigate improper behavior. And not to be overlooked, regulators do consider the strength of an anti-corruption training program when evaluating declinations or deferred prosecution agreements.
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Practice Management


  • The Case for Intelligent Automation

    Kirke Everson, managing director, government intelligent automation, for KPMG US, will present a course on intelligent automation at the PICPA Government Accounting Conference. Here he discusses some of the topics he will be addressing in-depth this summer.
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  • 8 Business Apps to Consider for Your Small Business

    It can be difficult and time-consuming to find mobile apps that are savvy enough to increase your business’s productivity. Here is a list of eight noteworthy considerations.
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