May 06, 2019

Commit to Advocacy When You Renew Your Membership

Alexandra FabianBy Alexandra Fabian, manager, PICPA government relations

It’s spring, so it’s time to renew your PICPA membership. This year, as in other years, you’ll notice a check-off option to contribute to the CPA-PAC. Please do so.

The Certified Public Accountant Political Action Committee (CPA-PAC) is the driving force behind PICPA’s advocacy efforts. It is a nonpartisan, member-managed organization representing CPAs in public practice, industry, and government, as well as new and veteran members of the profession. CPA-PAC is the only PAC to specifically represent the interests of Pennsylvania CPAs.

The past year was very strong for the CPA-PAC thanks to our contributing PICPA members. Nearly $180,000 in contributions were received from members, and we are pleased to report that all of these funds are used to provide financial support to the campaign funds of Pennsylvania legislative candidates who demonstrate positions and philosophies consistent with those of our members.

If you are still debating whether or not to support the CPA-PAC, I urge you to consider what your colleagues are saying about your PAC and why they find value in contributing.

Aaron R. Risden, CPAAaron R. Risden, CPA
Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer
Vision Benefits of America

“I contribute to the CPA-PAC because the PICPA continues to make progress on important legislative and regulatory matters in Pennsylvania. Each member is key in providing resources for the CPA-PAC to advance important government issues on our behalf and to benefit the larger Pennsylvania business and taxpayer communities.”

Jonathan L. Zeigler, CPA, CITPJonathan L. Zeigler, CPA, CITP
Baker Tilly Virchow Krause LLP

“I believe the CPA profession plays a critical role in Pennsylvania through the services we provide to individuals and businesses. It is important that we remain actively involved in current and future legislation and other governmental affairs to maintain and enhance our position, ensuring our voices are heard by our elected and appointed officials. The CPA-PAC is one of the best ways we can do this by supporting its nonpartisan efforts to promote and strive for the improvement of government in the Commonwealth.”

It is important to remember that your annual PICPA membership dues, by law, cannot support the CPA-PAC and its political activities. You must do so separately. Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated, but we have four established levels of giving that yield greater recognition for individuals and firms.

A contribution to the CPA-PAC provides assurance that your license will be well protected. So as you enjoy the warmer weather, know that the PICPA government relations team has things covered for you in Harrisburg.

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CPA-PAC is the only political action committee to specifically represent the interests of Pennsylvania CPAs.

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