Key Contact Program

keycontact_400x400When a hot-button issues arises, the PICPA calls on its Key Contacts to write, call, or visit their legislators. These personal interactions hold legislators accountable and reinforce trust in the PICPA. 

Key Contacts also have exclusive access to fundraisers, picnics, breakfasts, and golf outings. 

Become a Key Contact 

Why should I participate?

Those who sit on the sidelines lose out. With so many competing priorities it’s essential that we take every opportunity to weigh in on policies that could be harmful to the profession and to promote important issues not currently on the legislative agenda.  

What is the time commitment? 

PICPA staff provides concise, in-depth information about high-priority issues that makes it easy for Key Contacts to engage with public officials. We maintain the primary goal of keeping time commitments to a minimum.

Why should I contribute my time?

The decisions made by our state government affect you – as a CPA, a business owner, a taxpayer, and a PICPA member. Joining the Key Contact program is another way for you and your profession to have a voice. Your investment helps the PICPA build alliances with elected officials who directly influence legislation. 

Our Mission

PICPA Key Contacts will build and maintain strong relationships with members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly and communicate the PICPA’s position on issues of importance to the accounting profession.

Your Role

Respond to Alerts:

When a hot-button issue arises, the PICPA sends legislative information to Key Contacts and requests that they communicate the profession's position to their pre-determined legislator. Key Contacts can write an e-mail, coordinate an employee letter-writing campaign, or make a phone call or personal visit.

Attend Day on the Hill:

Key Contacts are encouraged to attend the PICPA’s premier legislative event and meet face-to-face with Pennsylvania’s policymakers. 

Keep Informed:

Maintain awareness of legislative issues affecting Pennsylvania CPAs through PICPA publications. Key contacts will receive the PICPA weekly Legislative Update e-mail and should follow the Government Relations Team on Twitter (@PICPA_GR).

Invest in the CPA-PAC:

Key Contacts are encouraged to contribute to the CPA-PAC, the political arm of the PICPA, and may be asked to attend political functions on behalf of the PICPA. 


PICPA Key Contacts serve voluntarily and with no set term. A Key Contact may decide to leave the program at any time by e-mailing or calling (717) 232-1821. 

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A Letter from the CEO

Mike Colgan, PICPA CEO & Executive Director, further explains the importance of the Key Contact program.

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