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  • IRC Section 163(j): Another Cost of Leveraging an Acquisition

    Ever since the economic crash of 2008, foreign and domestic corporations have fought hard to get back to the days of steady growth. A lot of corporations have grown organically, but many essentially expanded through acquisition. Without the luxury of having excess cash reserves, these corporations typically opt to leverage their acquisitions by taking on some form of debt.
  • Engagement Is Critical in Developing the CPA Pipeline

    The most recent AICPA report on the supply of accounting graduates, published in 2015, indicates a continuous increase in accounting enrollment, particularly in master’s degree programs in accounting. Yet, the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy reports that candidacy for the Uniform CPA Examination has remained flat during the past few years.
  • Deferred Compensation Plan Errors and How to Correct Them

    A typical defined contribution plan, such as a 401(k) or 403(b), consists of a deferred compensation component, with or without an employer match, and/or a profit-sharing component. Participants in one of these plans elect a percentage or a specific dollar amount to be withheld each pay period. The plan sponsor (the employer) then remits the funds, along with any employer contributions, to the plan’s trust account maintained by a trustee or custodian.

Practice Management Blog Posts

  • Expert Offers Tips on Exit Planning

    Exit planning is a forward-thinking strategy that should be established well in advance to ensure comfort for yourself and your clients, whose businesses depend on your unbroken service and attention. Hear more from Charles R. Kedra, CFP, AIF, CEPA, senior partner and director of business advisory services with Legacy Planning Partners.
  • Predict the Future of Your Practice with These Five Factors

    Many accounting practices pay attention to performance benchmarks to understand how the firm is doing. Forward-thinking CPA leaders, however, look at not only the traditional metrics, but also at expanded benchmarks to find out where the firm is heading.

Free Tool of the Month: PCPS Avoid Potholes for a Smooth Ride to Peer Review

This resource provides a look at common trouble spots that peer reviewers find. Ensure your firm is ready for a smooth ride in your next peer review with resources available at, including free audit documentation tools for employee benefit and governmental audits. Check out for additional resources.

PCPS Avoid Potholes for a Smooth Ride to Peer Review is an example of the turnkey tools and solutions offered by the AICPA's PCPS. View the PCPS site for more information.
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Firm Culture and Its Impact on the Future of the Firm

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