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Practice Management Guidance

  • You Can’t Predict the Future, but It Pays to Prepare for It

    Should a catastrophic loss occur to a client or your employer where records or assets have been destroyed, CPAs are uniquely qualified to provide assistance and add value above and beyond the other critical services they provide. This value, however, doesn’t have to wait for a fire, flood, collapse, or some other horrible event to occur.
  • Attorney Consultations Help Keep a Practice Healthy

    For many practitioners, an hour in a dentist’s chair is more appealing than the mere thought of picking up the phone and calling an attorney. This mind-set needs to change for the health and well-being of your practice.
  • How Disrupted Are You?

    PICPA President Lisa Myers and I recently had the pleasure to meet with many PICPA members during our 2016 Professional Issues Update tour around the state. This series of meetings allows us to share thoughts and strategies related to current, as well as future, issues that impact our members, and to better understand how we can assist you in meeting those issues head-on.

Practice Management Blog Posts

  • Professional Friendship

    Can there be such a thing as a “professional friendship”? In a relationship where professional standards, priorities, and boundaries are well understood, can we also recognize that it’s human and normal to genuinely trust and like each other? If it doesn’t exist, it should.
  • Tax Season Recap – One Firm’s Perspective

    Do you remember how some folks were saying the 2017 tax season was going to be the smoothest in recent memory? That's not really how things played out, is it? Find out what Ryan Raffensperger learned from his firm's work this year.

PCPS Free Tool of the Month: PCPS Client Goals and Challenges Worksheet

Free Tool of the Month: Intentional Gratitude Actions Worksheet

Take a few minutes out of your busy day to show gratitude to those in your firm. These simple ideas can help increase motivation, teamwork, and personal knowledge, and build a strong firm culture. Find out more about creating a culture of gratitude with this accompanying podcast.

This Intentional Gratitude Actions Worksheet is an example of the turnkey tools and solutions offered by the AICPA's PCPS. View the PCPS site for more information.

On-Site Training
Any of the sessions you see listed here can be brought directly to your office. E-mail Professional Education for details about On-Site ethics training and a price quote.
Firm Culture and Its Impact on the Future of the Firm

Firm Culture Report

Explore PICPA's comprehensive report on employee benefits, firm values, generational differences, the talent pipeline, and succession planning.

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