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Meredith Toole of Talent Point Consulting discusses attracting and retaining talent in this quick video series.

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  • Planning During a Crisis Is Not Succession Planning

    The CPA profession today ignores succession planning, unless there is a crisis. When we ask managing partners what they would wish for if they had a magic wand, we get the same answer: “I’d want to solve our leadership succession challenges.” Yet most firms’ business strategies do not include succession as an important element.
  • CPAs and Financial Advisers: A Great Team for Clients

    Throughout 2016, two of my clients who are partners in a business kept telling me what a fantastic year they were having. Since my firm handled their 401(k) plan, we suggested that we meet with them in September with their CPA and their plan’s third-party administrator. The main item on the agenda was to find ways to reduce the partners’ overall taxable income for that year.
  • Liability Insurance Coverage in the Age of Innovative Services

    CPAs in public practice provide an ever-expanding range of services to their clients. While tax planning and compliance as well as audit and attest work still comprise the bulk of services rendered, business valuation, management consulting, and other specialty services such as information systems and big data are all flowers in the bouquet of practitioner offerings.

Practice Management Blog Posts

  • Don’t Settle for Good When You Can Be Irreplaceable

    Many CPA firms do well. Others may be deemed very successful. And then there are those standout firms that are considered irreplaceable.
  • Think Fintechs when Planning Accounting Service Expansion

    With the rise of business-to-business financial technology companies, or fintechs, the opportunities for CPA firms to offer new services have never been better. Fintech solutions are cloud-based, generally much easier to implement, and much less expensive than what firms have been able to offer clients in the past.

Free Tool of the Month: PCPS Guide to Marketing and Sales Roles in Accounting

Growing your firm is a year-round process. Using the PCPS Guide to Marketing and Sales Roles in Accounting, you can explore options in structuring positions for all firm sizes. This guide will help identify ways to kick growth into high gear.

PCPS Guide to Marketing and Sales Roles in Accounting is an example of the turnkey tools and solutions offered by the AICPA's PCPS. View the PCPS site for more information.

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