Professional Ethics

The PICPA Professional Ethics Committee is responsible for investigating complaints against members, maintaining the PICPA Code of Professional Conduct, monitoring global ethics trends, and ethics education and outreach. Members are elected to this state-wide committee on a rotating basis to serve three-year terms.

Codes of Professional Conduct

Changes to the PICPA Code of Professional Conduct

Adopted by PICPA Council on Sept. 30, 2014 

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Ethics Complaints

The Professional Ethics Committee investigates complaints against PICPA members for violations of the Code of Professional Conduct. The Pa. Department of State Professional Compliance Office investigates complaints against all practitioners in Pennsylvania on behalf of the State Board of Accountancy.

Disciplinary Actions

View PICPA Professional Ethics Committee disciplinary actions.

Committee ED Response

PICPA Professional Ethics Committee response to the AICPA exposure draft on Breach of an Independence Interpretation.

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