2020 CPA-PAC Annual Report

Dear Donors and Friends,

We offer our sincerest thanks for your contribution to the CPA-PAC in 2020.

Because of you and your colleagues, the CPA-PAC raised more than $214,000, with all contribution levels increasing significantly. Most notably, contributions under $500 from individuals increased by roughly $14,000.

These funds supported more than 100 elected officials and various campaign committees representing both parties, and helped the CPA profession maintain an influential presence in Harrisburg as the COVID-19 pandemic challenged our regulatory environment like never before.

Your support of the CPA-PAC is truly invaluable as we navigate this period of change and will help ensure CPAs have a powerful and unified voice in Harrisburg through 2021 and beyond. 

Thank you.


Cheri H. Freeh, CPA

Colgan, Mike - PICPA CEO & Executive Director
Michael D. Colgan, CAE
PICPA CEO & Executive Director

Impact of the CPA-PAC in 2020


Financial Analysis


2020 Contribution Totals

Total Raised: $214,000

Individuals: $57,000
Small to Medium-Size Firms: $58,000
Large Firms: $99,000

$171,300 was disbursed to support the campaigns of legislative candidates who endorsed positions favorable to PICPA members, as well as legislative committees. Contribution requests were considered on a case-by-case basis and addressed in a bipartisan manner.

Contribution totals are rounded. 

Meet the Board

In Memoriam Harvey Danowitz, CPA | 1935-2020

The CPA-PAC Board warmly remembers Harvey Danowitz and thanks him for his many years of service. Harvey’s passion for state taxes and the PICPA was apparent to all who knew him. He served on various committees within the PICPA, including the CPA-PAC Board and State Taxation Committee. Harvey spent countless hours discussing concerns with the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue and often provided testimony to legislative committees. In addition to his state tax work, he provided tax services as a partner at Devaney and Company and most recently with Barbush, Hoffman and Short. He never retired. He continued to serve his hundreds of clients and often made house calls. Harvey’s contributions to the tax and accounting fields were indelible. He will be greatly missed, and we will never forget his contributions to the PICPA and CPA profession.



Your Colleagues Say...

"Having PICPA representatives in Harrisburg gives legislators a highly respected resource for advice, especially on tax legislation and the CPA profession. We are the go-to guys and gals with boots on the ground. Being a part of the process can be both an educational and teaching experience."

-Robert Hornick, CPA