Feb 11, 2022

Tips for Accounting Student Scholarship Applicants

Lesley BrownBy Lesley Brown, marketing administrator, Pennsylvania CPA Foundation

The Pennsylvania CPA Foundation has a unique scholarship program to help you achieve career success. If you are a student with an interest in accounting, the Foundation has a scholarship for you! Applications are now open for …

  • Academic Merit Scholarships
  • Minority Scholarships
  • Community College Scholarships
  • High School Scholarships

Illustration: Hand lifting graduation cap out of a bag of moneyThe cost of education is high, and the Foundation awards more than $200,000 to support future CPAs each year. Don’t let this opportunity to win between $1,000 and $5,000 pass you by.

You can make sure your application stands out from the pack by following the tips below:

  • Make sure your application is complete.
    This tip may be obvious, but it’s important. Don’t leave money on the table by forgetting to include a transcript, a faculty recommender contact, or an essay.
  • Highlight your extracurriculars.
    Your involvement in activities outside of class sets you apart. Use this section to help judges understand your interests and personality beyond accounting classes.
  • Share your financial need.
    Spend some time to correctly explain how your college expenses are funded. Judges are looking to this information to help make their final decisions.
  • Look into the future.
    Are you planning to stay in the accounting profession and complete your CPA Exam? Judges want to know your plans. Think through the next five years and use your essay response as a chance to show your passion and excitement for the next steps in your career.
  • Don’t be afraid to explain any shortcomings.
    A less-than-stellar grade or a slower-than-usual path doesn’t mean you aren’t deserving. Use open-ended and essay questions as a chance to highlight the challenges you’ve overcome and the way you plan to achieve your future goals.

Remember that Foundation scholarship judges are looking to find the very best and most deserving students for these awards. Show them why you are a future leader of the profession! Get your application in by March 16. Better yet, do it today. Apply now! 

Learn about the initiatives of the Pennsylvania CPA Foundation and how you can support future CPAs through scholarships, events, and more.

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