Thank You, Donors!

Our 2019 Pennsylvania CPA Foundation scholarship winners want to say thank you for the positive impact your support has had on their career.

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Thank you so much for your generosity that helps so many students, including me. Because of you, we will be one step ahead when it comes to being successful in our post-graduation lives. I greatly appreciate all you have done!

Cecelia Minnick, Pennsylvania State University
Thank you so much for your generosity and selecting me as one of the scholarship winners! I am an older student who struggled with the decision to go back to school in fear that it would be too hard and that I wouldn't fit in. I am beyond thankful and you have truly given more confidence to continue on with my education.
Kelly Day, Pennsylvania Highlands Community College

I feel privileged and inspired to receive your support. This scholarship has a special meaning for me because it is awarded by a well-recognized accounting association. Being selected for the minority scholarship has motivated me to embrace my educational and professional goals. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving me hope and helping me to be the first family member to receive a bachelor’s degree. Gracias! 
Jessica Gonzalez, Alvernia University


I give my sincere thanks to every person that made this scholarship possible. Your generosity through this scholarship will assist me in furthering my education in the field of accounting and to achieve the goals I've set for myself.

Daniel J. Rogers III, Montoursville Area High School

My grandpa was a loyal member of the PICPA, he would be so proud I am achieving this award. This is an incredible opportunity and the financial support to continue my education is greatly appreciated. From my whole family and I, thank you!

Emily Burden-Butts, University of Scranton

I can’t thank you all enough. College is becoming more of an expectation is society, one that certainly isn’t cheap. With your generosity I will be able to get a jump start into my starting my career in the field of accounting.   I look forward to making you proud by performing well in my first year! Thank you again!

Colin Boyd, Big Spring High School

Thank you very much for this wonderful gift. Thanks to this scholarship, I am able to focus on school and continue my involvement in campus clubs such as Habitat For Humanity. Also, I am able to save up for my books and my CPA. Once again thank you.

Evelyn Torres, Lycoming College

I cannot thank you enough for investing in me and my future. I am extremely grateful for being recognized by the PICPA and being given the opportunity to lessen the financial burden that going to college brings on me and my family.

Margo Gamble, Robert Morris University

Thank you for the scholarship, it will help me to continue my education and give me the strength to reach my goal. This makes me want to work even harder and lets me know that there are people who support me. There are no words to say how happy and how thankful I am. What I can say though is thank you from the bottom of my heart, this means so much to me, and I am glad to have been chosen.

Kelly Kuzma, Lackawanna College

Thank you so much for the chance to apply and be awarded this scholarship. Every little bit of money helps in funding my education, and I am so grateful for this sum. I like to do everything I can to help my parents in affording my college, and this scholarship is helping me do so. 
Gail Podlesny, Saint Joseph's University

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. This scholarship is helping me to pursue my degree in accounting. As a first-generation student supported by a single parent, it is extremely difficult for me to meet the financial requirements for tuition and books; every school year is filled with uncertainty about whether I will be able to continue. This will enable me to pay for my supplies in my senior year.

Natasha Iloff, Villanova University

I want to thank all of the donors sooo much for this wonderful gift and to let you all know that this award will be put to good use. I count it as a true privilege to have programs like this in place for those seeking a degree and to actually have personally benefited from it. With time, I hope to have that same opportunity to give back to those who succeed me so that they too can be the best they can be in the pursuit of knowledge. So once again, greatest thanks to all those who've helped contribute to this foundation!

DeShawn Scurry, West Chester University
I would like to give a big thank you to all the donors of the scholarship I received. It as an honor to be chosen for this, and the money I received is greatly appreciated as I enter in to senior year and prepare for my future as a CPA! I have worked hard through college to minimize the amount of student loans I need, but help from generous donors such as yourselves is an incredible help and should not go unrecognized!
Anna Sweger, Grove City College

Thank you so much for this wonderful gift and prestigious honor. This is so incredibly helpful and alleviates some of the financial burden associated with higher education. I can not express how thankful and honored I am to have received this scholarship. I am so passionate about accounting and am so lucky to be a part of such an amazing organization that supports my goals.
Jenna Herman, Point Park University


I am very, very thankful for your donation. It will help me and my family tremendously.  This scholarship is a motivation for me to do better on my education to be a good accountant. Thank you so much PICPA!!!


Pratikshya Gaihre, Wilson College
Thank you so much to each and every donor of the PICPA scholarship. I am so appreciative of your generosity and hope to make you proud! By having you there, I’m able to concentrate on my studies as I work towards me goals and dreams of becoming a CPA.
Tylyn Bramble, Robert Morris University
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