CFO of the Future

CFO of the Future

From Financial Analyst to Business Leader, the CFO Role Continues to Grow

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Communication of Financial Results through Data Visualization

When numbers people need to translate reports for others, data visualization is the way to go. A combination of data visualization with written and oral communication will explain where your company has been, where it is currently, and where it is headed.

Leadership-Driven Financial Practices for Business Success

Often, there is a lot of focus on change and adapting in the business world. But don't forget about the core practices that have been proven to drive successful business financial operations.

Building Blocks of Financial Leadership

Financial leadership is composed of two major components: accurate accounting and creating organizational value. Today’s successful financial leaders direct a department that accurately records and reports the financial status, and they help create organizational value.

Big Data and Data Analytics – What Every CPA Should Know

One of the highest value services that a CPA can provide is to help business decision makers make better decisions. And the science of data analytics is key to helping with decisions that will improve business performance and return on investment.

Q&A with Donita Rudy, Crisis Management Expert

Donita Rudy explains how crisis management is a process whereby you maintain control when the uncontrollable happens.

10 Forces Changing the Role of the Controller

There is a current movement in business and industry for controllers to go beyond providing traditional accounting services. They are becoming irreplaceable business partners who take part in strategic planning, understand industry trends, and forecast economic challenges.

Transforming the Controller from Manager to Leader

Forces in the current business environment are altering the demands placed on controllers, including advances in technology, the availability of data, the expansion of global competition, and increased scrutiny over compliance with regulatory standards.

Pennsylvania CPA Journal

CPA Conversations about accounting news

Replicating the Benefits of Data Analytics in Excel

Tommy Stephens, a shareholder with K2 Enterprises, tells us how many of the benefits of data analytics can be harnessed through mastery of Microsoft Excel.

The Great Big World of CPA Technology

To help our member CPAs keep up with the developments in business technology, CPA Conversations recently sat down with Tommy Stephens of K2 Enterprises.

The Benefits of a Margin Risk Management Program

Tim Dinan, vice president of finance for Berks Packing Company Inc. in Reading, shares his company’s experiences with a margin risk management program.

Fostering Understanding of Financials Among Nonfinancial Managers

Jim Caruso of RSM US LLP discusses vital steps for passing along this knowledge and the positive effects it can bring to the bottom line.

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