2019 CPA-PAC Annual Report

Dear Donors and Friends,

We would like to offer our sincerest thanks for your contribution to the CPA-PAC in 2019.

Because of you and your colleagues, the CPA-PAC raised more than $230,000 in total contributions. Most notably, combined contributions from individuals and medium-size firms rose approximately $10,000 from 2018, and more than 200 members gave for the first time.

These funds supported 119 elected officials on both sides of the aisle and helped facilitate two major legislative accomplishments: Act 90 of 2019, a commonsense measure that establishes a 10-year window for the DOR to collect taxes, and Act 13 of 2019, omnibus legislation that includes a much-needed amendment to estate and inheritance taxes.

Your support of the CPA-PAC is truly invaluable and will help ensure CPAs have a powerful and unified voice in Harrisburg through 2020 and beyond.

Thank you.


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Cheri H. Freeh, CPA

Colgan, Mike - PICPA CEO & Executive Director
Michael D. Colgan, CAE
PICPA CEO & Executive Director

Impact of the CPA-PAC in 2019

Major Legislative Victories: 2019-2020 Legislative Session

CPA-PAC 2019 Legislative Victories


Act 90 of 2019

On Nov. 27, Gov. Tom Wolf signed into law a commonsense measure that will help both taxpayers and practitioners deal with unnerving notices from the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue (DOR). In many cases, these notices addressed decades-old tax filings.

Act 90 of 2019 (formerly House Bill 17) establishes a 10-year window for the DOR to collect taxes beginning Jan. 1, 2021. The provision applies to all taxes collected by the DOR, except the inheritance tax. Other exceptions include, but are not limited to, cases of fraud or willfully failing to file. The bill passed both the House and Senate in bipartisan fashion, marking the culmination of a nearly two-year effort by the PICPA.

Act 13 of 2019

Championed by PICPA member Rep. Keith Greiner, CPA (R-Lancaster), House Bill 706 was amended into omnibus legislation, House Bill 262, and signed into law as Act 13.

The Greiner-PICPA amendment provides that if the executor of an estate and the trustee of a trust make an election under Section 645 of the Internal Revenue Code to treat the income of a trust as part of the estate, the fiduciary may make and file a joint state tax return for the estate and trust. If a joint return is filed, the tax liabilities of the estate and trust shall be joint and several. This provision applies to taxable years beginning after Dec. 31, 2019.

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Financial Analysis

2019 Contribution Totals

Total Raised: $230,000

Individuals: $49,000
Medium-Size Firms: $41,000
Large Firms: $140,000

$167,000 was disbursed to support the campaigns of legislative candidates who endorse positions favorable to PICPA members, as well as one row office candidate. Contribution requests are considered on a case-by case basis and addressed in a bipartisan manner.

Contribution totals are rounded. 

Meet the Board

The CPA-PAC Board would like to extend a special thank you to William Lazor, who served as chair for many years before passing the torch to Cheri Freeh in 2020. Under Bill’s leadership, the CPA-PAC blossomed into the thriving political arm it is today. We have no doubt Cheri will lead with equal determination and resourcefulness.

The CPA-PAC Board also thanks Robert Barbacane, Thomas Corcoran, John Pagerly, and William Shipley for their service, and welcomes new members Chris Turtell, Rachel Sargent, John Jones, Gail Hauseman, and Richard Ward.

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2020 CPA-PAC Board Members

Your Colleagues Say...

"Having PICPA representatives in Harrisburg gives legislators a highly respected resource for advice, especially on tax legislation and the CPA profession. We are the go-to guys and gals with boots on the ground. Being a part of the process can be both an educational and teaching experience."

-Robert Hornick, CPA