2018 CPA-PAC Annual Report

Dear Donors and Friends,

Thanks to you and your colleagues, the CPA-PAC raised nearly $180,000 in pledged contributions in 2018 and exceeded individual contribution totals from 2017 and 2016.

These funds fueled the election of 89 pro-business candidates last fall — including six who have experience as CPA practitioners — and supported 14 pro-business candidates who will run in 2020. Earlier in 2018, the CPA-PAC called on its existing relationships with legislators to successfully fight for bonus depreciation allowance, fairer local income tax collection, and the expungement of disciplinary records for minor violations.

Your contribution to the CPA-PAC and sustained commitment to our advocacy work has helped ensure that CPAs have a powerful and unified voice in Harrisburg through 2019 and beyond. Thank you for your unyielding support.


Michael D. Colgan, CAE
PICPA CEO & Executive Director

William Lazor, CPA

Impact of the CPA-PAC in 2018

Major Legislative Victories: 2017-2018 Legislative Session

Act 72 of 2018

Allows for depreciation deductions for corporate taxpayers who take 100 percent bonus deprecation for federal income tax purposes.

Act 18 of 2018

Addresses inconsistencies in the collection of local income and the potential for double taxation.

Act 6 of 2018

Allows for a one-time expungement of minor violations from the disciplinary records of CPAs and other state licensees.

Financial Analysis

2018 Contribution Totals

Total Raised: $179,052

Individuals: $49,437
Medium Firms: $29,615
Large Firms: $100,000

Your Colleagues Say...

"I contribute to the CPA-PAC because the PICPA continues to make progress on important legislative and regulatory matters in Pennsylvania.  Each member is key in providing the resources for the CPA-PAC to advance important government issues on our behalf and benefiting the larger PA business and taxpayer communities."

-Aaron R. Risden, CPA
Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer | VBA