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More than Municipal Primaries: The Constitution and Courts on the Ballot

May 6, 2021
Much of politics is local, to paraphrase former U.S. Speaker of House Thomas P. O’Neill, and Pennsylvania voters in May 2021 will determine who will vie for positions in the county courthouse, townships, boroughs, and school boards. This year’s primary election, however, has added significance with proposed amendments to the state constitution.
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Understanding PICPA Advocacy – Money, Elections, and the CPA-PAC

Apr 30, 2021
Political action committees get a lot of bad press. A quick google search brings up terms like “dark money” and “slush fund,” but this could not be further from the truth. The Certified Public Accountants Political Action Committee, for example, specifically supports the mission of the PICPA by helping to elect bipartisan, respectable candidates who support strong fiscal policy and other positions favorable to CPAs.
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PICPA Scores Three-in-One Legislative Victory

Apr 22, 2021
It is rare when the stars align in Harrisburg, but when they do it is an impressive process to watch unfold. The PICPA was a key contributor to just such an occurrence when the state House and Senate lawmakers agreed to expedite legislation championed by the PICPA that addresses three problematic tax issues. A victory for the public, a victory for CPAs, and a victory for PICPA!
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New Report Provides Insights on Occupational Licensing

Apr 9, 2021
The deregulation of certain licensing requirements has been a concern for the CPA profession. While the main focus of these efforts has not been on licensees such as CPAs, engineers, doctors, and lawyers, there is always a risk of collateral damage with the legislative process.
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CPAs Offer Financial Policy Options to Pennsylvania Lawmakers

Mar 11, 2021
CPAs have extensive experience helping clients meet their fiscal challenges head-on and directing them toward success. Pennsylvania, too, faces fiscal challenge, and the PICPA's Fiscal Responsibility Task Force has developed a report to assist those in governance find a sound financial footing for the state's financial health.
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