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Pa. Lawmakers Resume Session to Hammer Out Budget as House Control Test Looms

Apr 21, 2023
The Pennsylvania House and Senate appropriations committees have been busy with hearings on Gov. Josh Shapiro’s first budget proposal. During this work, the General Assembly recessed from March through much of April. Both chambers will be back in session on April 24 to begin the give and take of constructing a final budget.
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Tips from the Pennsylvania Board of Appeals

Dec 5, 2022
As CPAs know, the Board of Appeals is the first formal level in adjudication of tax, rebate, and refund appeals in Pennsylvania. This blog from the Board provides a few tips to help you navigate appeal procedures.
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The Demographic Squeeze Has Arrived in Pennsylvania

Nov 21, 2022
Pennsylvania’s Independent Fiscal Office recently published an updated demographics forecast for the state through 2030. The latest data show that state's labor force participation rates remain well below prepandemic rates.
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PICPA Government Relations’ General Election Recap

Nov 15, 2022
An unsettled economic environment during a midterm election has historically been a recipe for disaster for the party in power. Not this year! Get a recap of 2022's surprising election results from PICPA's government relations team.
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Monumental Changes for CPAs Arise from Pa. Legislature’s Late Session Action

Nov 7, 2022
The PICPA government relations team has been working on major legislative changes to Pennsylvania’s CPA Law for years. On Nov. 3, Gov. Tom Wolf signed the legislation, making vital updates to the law that governs the profession and impacts so many functions.
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